What I’m About

Family and Photography
This is my life.
When I’m not taking photos of your family, I’m taking photos of mine. I am 100% all in this and it sets my soul ablaze.

Are you passionate about meaningful images?
Do you want more than perfectly posed shots of everyone smiling at the camera?
Are your photographs the thing you would grab if your house was burning down?
If yes, I just might be the photographer for you!

I’m here for the ones that want to capture themselves authentically. The ones that want to remember the little things. The belly laughs, messy hair and tangled limbs. The ones that want to pull out the photo album 30 years from now and smile. Or cry. Or both.

Are you ready? Let’s do it!
Let’s go somewhere you love and do your most favourite thing.
Coffee and hot chocolate at your favourite cafe? A sunny afternoon at the Zoo?
A picnic at your favourite park? Or even a Saturday morning walk around your neighbourhood? Whatever it is, I am so down for it.


Send me an email now and I’ll help you plan a session perfect for you!