What I’m About

Family and Photography
This is my life.
When I’m not taking photos of your family, I’m taking photos of mine.
I am 100% all in this and it sets my soul on fire.

If you want to pose perfectly and smile at the camera, we’re probably not a good fit.
If you’re looking for the cheapest deal, you’re probably not going to value what I give you.
Which is totally okay, you deserve the photographer that best fits your needs!
But I give you more than someone clicking a button behind a fancy camera.

I want to create honest images that show you as you are right now.
Images that your kids will look back on their entire lives.
The kind you’re so madly in love with you want them printed and put in a photo album.
So you can pull it out 30 years from now and smile.
Or cry.
Or both.


What are you into? What makes you, you?
Summer evenings spent walking around your neighbourhood? Picnics at your favourite park? Home cooked family dinners in your dining room?
Whatever it is, I’m so down.

Send me an email and we’ll plan your perfect session.