Meet Me


Hey, I’m Paige!
I like baking, I love Autumn and I’m always down for making some art.

I have one husband, two babies and three pets – they are my happy place! When I’m not taking photos you can find me listening to music, watching scary movies or obsessing over makeup. I’m probably also wrangling my kids. Or taking photos of them.

I bought my first DSLR at 15 years old and I haven’t looked back since! When I was young, I dressed up my friends and did photoshoots with them for fun. As I got older I went down a few different paths with my work but I’ve now found what photography is all about for me.

I’m here to capture connections, subtleties and the relationships between people. I live for those imperfect, raw moments that happen in-between everything else. Tangled limbs, messy hair and belly laughs are my jam, and I’m always asking a ton of questions to get real moments out of people. Let’s meet up, talk about the deep stuff (or the little stuff or whatever kind of stuff) and capture your magic!