Indie’s Styled Autumn Session

“I have loved her, my little wanderer, with a mind full of wild forests and eyes that await adventures.”
– Conny Cernik

This is my oldest daughter Indie. She turned three in September and I obviously love to take photos of her. As her age changes her willingness to get dressed up and do styled or themed shoots do as well. For instance as soon as she started walking around age 1, she was done with them for a while because she never wanted to stop moving. Since then she has gone through different phases, and right now she’s at a point where it definitely takes more work on my end to get her into the mood to do sessions like this. Also bribing her with ice cream was a must have for these photos, and it took a lot of convincing. I think we made some beautiful images anyways, and I’m so happy to have them.

All the clothes she’s wearing in these are from Zara.







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